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May 28, 2024

SiteFusion ProConsult introduces innovative Cloud-Based CMS Solution for Journal Publishers at SSP 2024

Boston, MA – May 29, 2024 – SiteFusion ProConsult, a leading provider of the cloud-based SiteFusion Content Management System (CMS) and Asset Management solution, is poised to transform the world of journal publishing with the introduction of its enhanced SaaS offering at the 46th Annual Meeting of the Society of Scholarly Publishing (SSP), taking place in Boston from May 29th to 31st, 2024.

SiteFusion ProConsult (SFPC) is presenting its cloud-based SiteFusion CMS and Asset Management solution at SSP 2024, featuring preconfigured workflows, enhanced accessibility, improved content models, and advanced security protocols for optimal performance and data protection.

For over a decade, SiteFusion has been delivering a highly configurable enterprise-level structured content management solution (CMS) to the publishing industry. With the introduction of its SaaS solution, the company now offers customers an industry specific cloud-based platform with the same flexibility and robust capabilities of a custom-built CMS solution.

Included in the SiteFusion CMS SaaS platform is Fonto, an intuitive authoring/editorial tool that enhances the user experience with its advanced features and seamless integration, enabling smooth collaboration and content curation. Extensive, out-of-the-box JATS XML support further streamlines the management of journal article content for publishers.

As a prominent exhibitor at SSP 2024, SiteFusion ProConsult will showcase its latest advancements, featuring live demonstrations of its cutting-edge CMS and Asset Management product. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain firsthand insights into the innovative features of the CMS and industry-specific benefits of the tailored publishing solution.

Jeff Wood, President/COO of SiteFusion ProConsult, highlighted the event’s importance, noting, “SSP offers a unique platform for collaboration and thought leadership in scholarly publishing. We’re thrilled to showcase our new cloud-based solution, enhancing efficiency and scalability for journal publishers.”

SiteFusion ProConsult’s Highlights for journal publishers at SSP 2024 include:

  • Live Demonstrations: Experience the capabilities of the SiteFusion CMS and Asset Management solution through interactive demos conducted by our expert team.
  • Expert Consultation: Engage with SiteFusion ProConsult professionals for personalized insights and guidance on optimizing content workflows.
  • Industry Breakout Session: Join our session titled “Optimizing Scholarly Publishing Workflows: A Deep Dive into BPMN for Journals” on May 29th from 1:30-2:00 p.m., exploring the transformative power of BPMN in scholarly publishing workflows.

For personalized demonstrations and consultations, please visit Booth #107 at SSP 2024 or contact SiteFusion ProConsult to schedule an appointment.

About SiteFusion ProConsult                                                                                                                                                                                                The Intelligent Solution for Structured Content and Adaptive Workflows SiteFusion ProConsult, LLC is a North American joint venture of two long-standing European publishing technology partners, SiteFusion and EBCONT proconsult. Both companies have over 20 years of experience combining enterprise application development & implementation in Europe. SiteFusion ProConsult provides cutting-edge content management and publishing solutions and services to the United States and Canada. For more information about SiteFusion CMS and its latest features, visit or contact for inquiries.

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