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Content Management For All Verticals

Content Management For All Verticals

At SiteFusion ProConsult, we work across industries to help our customers solve their document management issues and optimize their processes. If you want to learn how we can help you in the context of your industry, please reach out and talk to a publishing technology expert.

Publishing & Media

Books, magazines, journals — no matter what you publish, you get maximum control of your content and processes.

SiteFusion ProConsult manages publishing processes along the whole value chain, starting with the author and ending with finished print and digital products. Intuitive tools, an efficient workflow, and the assurance to always be in full control of all content and assets provides publishers a future-proof and cost-efficient publication solution.


Structured content for teachers and students, from traditional textbooks to complex online learning platforms.

Not so long ago, the idea that structured content and highly-designed products such as textbooks could coexist was a pipe dream. With SiteFusion ProConsult’s ability to combine the flexibility of structured content with the precision and beauty of well-designed publications, it’s finally time to wake up!

Legal & Regulatory

Speed eDiscovery using precision search and manage your entire legal document corpus in a secure environment

Whether you are a publisher of legal and regulatory products or a law firm dealing with mountains of eDiscovery documents, SiteFusion ProConsult offers solutions to speed up the process and enable new product development, all with the security and scalability of our underlying MarkLogic repository.

Life Sciences & Healthcare

Health-related content requires accuracy and precision, from pharma and biotech to healthcare providers and payers.

Highly-regulated industries that manage and produce large volumes of documents can benefit from a modern enterprise-strength content management solution. Streamline the development of patient documents and communication, optimize the management of clinical trials content and FDA submissions, and much more.

Corporate Publishing

Not all companies publish for profit. But they need to publish in support of their core products and services.

Traditionally, corporate marketing departments needed to use content systems to support one-off campaigns, creating new materials each time with a heavy reliance on “copy-and-paste”. Now you can create content once, reuse it as many times as you’d like, and publish design-rich print and online marketing collateral all from one CMS.

Other Industries

Not all companies publish for profit. But they need to publish in support of their core products and services.

Financial services, manufacturing, energy, oil & gas, retail, aerospace, government, consumer packaged goods — whether you manage financial statements, product specifications, contracts, patents, or even a vast library of image and video content and associated metadata, SiteFusion ProConsult has a solution for you.

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Trusted by some of the biggest brands…

We’ve spent more than 20 years helping some of the largest corporations as well as the more modest-sized organizations optimize their content structures and their publishing processes. Let our publishing technology solutions and industry expertise help you too!

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