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Why SiteFusion CMS?

Why SiteFusion CMS?

SiteFusion is the best-in-class CMS for creating and combining granular content components within flexible printed or digital products. Beyond that SiteFusion optimizes the entire publishing workflow to get more efficiency out of your business.

Use our modules to author. manage. monetize. your content.

Module Highlights

Module Highlights

Have a first glance at our modules ranging from Content Creation over Content Management to Publishing! We are interested in a real, long-term customer partnership and don’t shy away from custom building modules and features or offering optional modules for instance our external collaborator portal “SiteFusion Portal” after your wishes.

SiteFusion CMS is a state-of-the-art content management platform that allows organizations to manage content and digital assets through the entire publishing lifecycle to allow for true multi-format product delivery.

Content Creation

  • Browser based media-neutral Content Editing
  • Realtime collaboration & guided authoring
  • Structured content (XML)
  • Professional Formula Editor
  • Connection to Microsoft Word​​

Digital Asset Management

  • Managing images, videos & audio files
  • Connection to Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Powerful Search
  • Filters and tags
  • Artificial Intelligence to enrich metadata 

Content Management

  • Granular Content Management (XML)
  • Powerful Search in text & metadata​​
  • Management of versions and variants​​
  • Using AI and semantics to enhance content quality
  • Flexible content reuse 

Workflow Management

  • Full BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) support​​
  • Transparency across all processes​​
  • Rights and roles
  • Schedule Management​​
  • Highly configurable


  • Flat Plan for books & journals/magazines​​
  • Connector for direct asset access out of Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office​​
  • Paged Media Module (“printCSS”) or InDesign Server for automated production​​
  • Digital products and variants
  • Efficient multi channel publishing by using XML

Usage Rights

  • Usage Rights Management Module
  • Enhanced forms for usage rights information
  • Licensor Management
  • Flexible rights processes
  • Perfect interaction with Adobe Creative Cloud

Technology Highlights

Technology Highlights

SiteFusion combines the power of the leading Enterprise XML-/NoSQL Database MarkLogic with the flexible BPMN Workflow Engine Camunda into the super innovative Content Management and Workflow Solution. At SiteFusion we believe in highly trusted technologies to gain the maximum performance, security and availability for our clients’ business.

MarkLogic Database

MarkLogic as state-of-the art database technology (NoSQL / XML) including an integrated search and a RDF-Triplestore to store and use knowledge graphs. In comparison to a traditional relational database MarkLogic has its strenghts in performance, flexibility and interoperability with XML documents.

Camunda Workflow Engine

Camunda is one of the leading BPMN-based workflow engines and an enterprise platform for workflow and decision automation. With its open and scalable architecture it is the perfect basement for all the processes inside and outside of SiteFusion. Camunda comes with an own BPMN modelling tool which is used by our consultants during the requirement analysis.


Java is used worldwide as a robust backbone programming language for enterprise applications. With its object-orientated approach Java is perfect for stable and high performant software suits like SiteFusion.

React and Bootstrap

React and Bootstrap as modern JavaScript and CSS frameworks were used to enable maximum user experience and high performance as well. SiteFusion is completely browser based and runs on all common clients and operating systems.

Database Refactoring

Due to database refactoring technology SiteFusion guarantees smooth updates without any manual intervention. The highly automated release and update process provides maximum time and cost efficiency for our clients.


The powerful REST-API of SiteFusion grants standardized and flexible connectivity of third-party systems such as ERP, CRM or DTP. As a developer you can either use our pre-defined business APIs or you can easily interact with the system by using self-created APIs.

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Dive Deeper Into Our Work

SiteFusion allows much more than the traditional “author – store – publish” CMS approach. By investigating internal and external data intelligently, SiteFusion visualizes the full potential of available and popular content. This information is provided within the value chain of the content holistically and supports the content creators and product managers directly in their daily business. Analyzing the performance of your products is the key to become even more better in knowing what your customers need and to reach the next level of creating modern business models.