Success Story

The Lambertus Verlag‘s portfolio is categorized into three main pillars: social, law, and the German Caritas Association. Lambertus Verlag is particularly well-known as a publisher of exceptional books in the areas of social expertise, social law publications, and commentaries on churchcharitable labor law.

Lambertus Verlag implements the SiteFusion content management and workflow solution to publish both digital and print products via an XML-first approach.

“We have chosen SiteFusion since the solution on one hand delivers the benefits of a leading standard software and on the other hand offers through its workflow customizing enough flexibility to cover the individual needs of us as a publisher. Coupled with SiteFusion’s expertise in the area of media-neutral data management and the overall flexibility of the software has fully convinced us.”

Phillip Zürcher
CEO, Marketing and New Media
@ Lambertus

Starting Point

Before implementing the SiteFusion CMS, Lambertus Verlag already had a content management system with very basic features in use. The previous CMS however, was only used for digital products and didn’t deliver structured XML. The publisher Lambertus employes less than 50 people.


Lambertus Verlag had a rudimentary content management system in place before adopting SiteFusion CMS. Their CMS was limited in its functionality, only catering to digital products, and lacking the ability to provide structured XML content.

As a small publisher with a staff of less than 50 employees, they also faced a significant challenge in managing the scope of such a project. Initiating the project, managing costs, evaluating various CMS providers, selecting SiteFusion, and implementing the software posed considerable difficulties. However, despite the complexities involved, the integration process ultimately proved successful.

Another noteworthy challenge was conducting a comprehensive analysis of the publisher‘s internal business processes and translating them into technical workflows. This task required collaborative efforts to thoroughly understand and document the existing workflows, and then translate them into a digital framework that could be effectively implemented within SiteFusion.

After the successful integration of SiteFusion the goal was to import the legacy data. This plan had to be discarded, as the data hasn’t been created in the data format XML. SiteFusion integration partner C.H.Beck.Media.Solutions took over the new data entry.

Why SiteFusion?

  • Determination of changes in the content on the basis of DeltaXML Compare
  • Data comparison of legal text based on validity dates
  • Set up of test and production workflows for daily work


  • Expertise in the area of media-neutral data management
  • Flexible workflow customizing


Following their selection and implementation of SiteFusion, the publisher was able to navigate the complexities and overcome obstacles, resulting in a successful implementation. This achievement highlights their commitment to improving their operational efficiency and leveraging advanced technology to enhance their publishing workflows and capabilities.

The complex regionalization in the employment contract guidelines of Caritas was a requirement not included in the SiteFusion standard. Another highlight was the realization of XML data comparison of legal text based on DeltaXML Compare. This fully in SiteFusion integrated function allows the Lambertus Verlag to identify at a quick glance the exact changes made to the already published versions of the loose- leaf works. Based on this knowledge, single-sheet deliveries can be created.


Project Sketch

  • Recognition of the need for
    a more comprehensive CMS
    for the complete
  • Collection of the required
    functionalities of the CMS
  • Setting goals, deadlines,
    resources, etc.

Data Import

  • Legacy data structurally
    not suitable for import
  • New data entry by
    integration partner

Data Preparation

  • Data postprocessing for
    usability in SiteFusion and
    with external providers
  • Parallel continuous project

Construction of
production processes

  • For print production
  • For digital production
  • For content-based work aids

“As Project and Requirements Manager, the biggest challenge was to capture the requirements for the data comparison and transfer them into a realizable concept. To see the result in action is amazing.“

Dominik Sonnenbichler
Requirements Manager
@ SiteFusion


This software implementation was carried out by SiteFusion and their implementation partner, EBCONT.
SiteFusion ProConsult is a formal joint venture of SiteFusion and EBCONT, and delivers the same technology solutions and engineering services to the North American market.

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