SiteFusion ProConsult Returns to the London Book Fair 2024 with Exciting Announcements

New York, NY/London, March 12th – SiteFusion ProConsult LLC, the successful New York City based IT company renowned for delivering innovative solutions and engineering services to the publishing industry, is excited to confirm its participation in the prestigious London Book
Fair 2024.

As a dynamic innovator in the North American market, SiteFusion ProConsult strategically occupies booth 3B70, providing attendees with an exclusive opportunity to explore revolutionary advancements within its Content Management System (CMS) and Asset Management product, SiteFusion.

At the heart of the exhibition, SiteFusion ProConsult will showcase live demos of its leading CMS and introduce an evolved Cloud/SaaS Solution, marking a significant leap forward in content optimization. Jeff Wood, COO/President of SiteFusion ProConsult, emphasizes the paramount importance of the London Book Fair, highlighting the event as a pivotal platform for forging meaningful relationships within the industry.

Highlights at SiteFusion ProConsult’s Booth (3B70)

Live Demos: Experience firsthand the capabilities of the leading Content Management System and Asset Management product, SiteFusion.
Expert Consultation: The SiteFusion ProConsult team will be on hand to provide advice and information to visitors seeking to enhance their endeavors to optimize their content.

Innovative Insights: SiteFusion ProConsult’s Exclusive Publishing Seminars

Attendees at the London Book Fair 2024 can expect two insightful seminars from SiteFusion ProConsult, shedding light on cutting-edge developments in publishing technologies.

Unveiling the Top 10 Benefits for Publishers Adopting Structured Content and a Component
Content Management System (CCMS)
Led by industry experts, this session explores the transformative advantages of incorporating Structured Content and CCMS in publishing workflows, offering valuable insights into efficiency, content creation, and distribution.

E-learning hands-on: Creating Interactive Exercises with DITA Learning & Training
In this hands-on seminar, participants will learn to create and publish exercises using DITA standards. The session provides a comprehensive understanding of the advantages, with live demos, for crafting versatile interactive content across platforms.

The Next Gen SiteFusion CMS: Unpacking Innovation at the Book Fair

SiteFusion ProConsult is proud to unveil the Beta Phase launch of its CMS and Asset Management solution, SiteFusion, as a cutting-edge SaaS/Cloud offering in London. This latest iteration retains the exceptional features that have solidified SiteFusion CMS as a top choice for businesses globally, now bolstered by cloud capabilities for heightened flexibility and scalability. Highlighted features of the updated SiteFusion CMS encompass:

  • Cloud-based infrastructure fostering enhanced accessibility and collaboration
  • Preconfigured workflows optimizing content creation and management processes
  • Improved content models enabling increased customization and efficiency
  • Seamless integration with existing systems and tools
  • Advanced security protocols ensuring the protection of sensitive data

SiteFusion ProConsult invites London Book Fair attendees to experience a live demonstration at booth 3B70. For personalized insights into the forefront of publishing technologies, SiteFusion ProConsult is pleased to schedule one-on-one consultation appointments.

About SiteFusion ProConsult

The Intelligent Solution for Structured Content and Adaptive Workflows SiteFusion ProConsult, LLC is a North American joint venture of two long-standing European publishing technology partners, SiteFusion and EBCONT proconsult. Both companies have over 20 years of experience combining enterprise application development & implementation in Europe. SiteFusion ProConsult provides cutting-edge content management and publishing solutions and services to the United States and Canada.

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