CI HUB Connector for Adobe CC and MS Office

Get to know one of the technology partners of the leading best-of-breed Content Management and Workflow Solution SiteFusion: The SiteFusion Connector for the CI HUB plug-in by CI HUB for all Adobe CC applications, such as InDesign, InCopy, Photoshop, Illustrator or PremierePro, as well as Microsoft Office application, such as Word, Excel or Powerpoint.

In addition to well-known DAM, stock and cloud drive systems, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and getty images as well as many others, SiteFusion also recognized the enormous potential of the start-up founded by Andreas Michalski, Jörg Seidler and Jasper Ullrich and their software CI HUB early on.

Editors of InDesign documents, images or PowerPoint files, for example, will be able to access assets stored in the central SiteFusion DAM directly via the CI HUB Panel inside the application. They will be seamlessly integrated into the workflow, receive tasks as well as notifications and can also use the search function to search for other assets. Using modern REST-API technology, all is done in real time, without sending files back and forth or uploading and downloading assets. The highlight: Thanks to the intelligent version handling, the CI HUB Panel always knows whether a new version of an asset may already be available and can update it if necessary without losing the work already done. Especially for typesetters and graphic designers who like to work in their familiar Adobe CC environment, the panel is an enormous improvement in their daily work.

In addition, CI HUB offers many more innovative features that contribute to creativity and efficiency:

  • Drag & drop of metadata directly from the panel into the target document
  • Similarity search for assets for example images
  • Direct connection to stock service providers such as Adobe Stock or Getty images to incorporate previews into documents, which can then be purchased on demand in the second step
  • Generating snippets from multiple frames in InDesign, which is perfect for creating and reusing templates
  • Re-importing page information and coordinates from InDesign
  • and more

Together with the CI HUB team, the range of functions will be further expanded in the future to guarantee SiteFusions customers a perfect decentralized way of working coupled with centralized management of content, data and processes.

If you would like to test the CI HUB plugin, you can do that within a 30-day trial period. The plugin can be downloaded directly from the Adobe and Microsoft stores, the corresponding SiteFusion Connector is available directly at

SiteFusion and CI HUB also offer web sessions on request to demonstrate the functionality of the plugin in combination with SiteFusion.

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